Rihanna’s Naked Pics


It seems as though almost every celeb on the planet is being caught out in a ‘naked pics shocker’ scandal.  Now it’s Rihanna’s turn. Can’t tell whether they’re real as the only ones that include a ‘headshot’ show Rihanna fully clothed. What do you think?

The bigger question, for me, is how dumb can these celebrities be? Time after time they keep being caught out. I suppose that leads me to the question: is it coincidence or is it carefully planned? The cynical, marketing side of me suggests that this is a massive PR stunt. If it is, fair play to Rihanna as she has a body that will triple record sales off the back of this.

If it was Vanessa Feltz, on the otherhand, I wouldn’t bank on the same level of publicity – or maybe I’m wrong?

Check out the gallery here


One response to “Rihanna’s Naked Pics

  1. Nope, I don’t think its a PR stunt, not from Rihanna’s people anyway. It’s more likely someone from Chris Brown’s camp who leaked the pics to damage her ‘good girl’ image. Things aren’t looking good for him or his career and the public are generally on Rihanna’s side so reckon CB’s people wanted to mess things up for her!

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