I used to ‘like’ Sebastien Chabal but…

Sebastien Chabal. French Lock Foward. Played for Sale in the heartland of northern England for many years, earning a decent wage (in sterling) and endeared by the locals.  He’s obviously quite content earning OUR money and receiving our adulation – but not happy when asked a question in English.  One word comes to mind, starts with ‘c’.  Do the French dislike the English more than the English dislike the French?


3 responses to “I used to ‘like’ Sebastien Chabal but…

  1. I don’t know why you keep on saying we don’t like each other. I accept YOUR money, I work for YOU, and why English have employed me ???? That is also a good question….. But when I’m in France maybe I’d like also my language. By the way we don’t know what happened before the English journalist asked that question…
    And French people do like English… The contrary should be true as well, Rosbif

  2. I think the context is irrelevant. He is ADORED by thousands of English fans at his club, Sale Sharks. It is for this reason alone that he should respect the question from the ‘rosbif’ reporter. What gives him the right to be so arrogant?


  3. Perfectly disagreed. In any circompstances in life you have to take the context in count….

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