Aidy Boothroyd. Please Flav NO!

The next rangers manager? Praying he's not!

Rumours coming out of W12 suggest that Aidy Boothroyd is well-placed to be the next QPR manager. Personally, I think this would be a disastrous appointment.  I’m very confused about the direction in which Flavio, Bernie and especially Gianni want to take my club.  The managerial merry-go-round is making our club a joke and lets be honest, I can’t see where we are going. It’s a ship without a rudder.

I understand why Dowie was sacked. His brand of football (if you can call it a brand) was shockingly bad and I thought Sousa would improve this – but that never really happened. Only Gigi Di Canio delivered the type of football I want to see down Loftus Road but he had to leave in unfortunate circumstances.

Anyway, those days are gone and now we turn our attentions to Boothroyd.  The ball will certainly get more air-time than grass-time if the rumours turn out to be true. Yes, I want success (and Boothroyd delivered this at Watford) but I want to be entertained doing so. I’m not one of those “get me results whatever the style of play” type of supporters. If I’m to pay £600 for a season ticket this season I want to be entertained. If Boothroyd is appointed then I wont get that. Why would I buy into a product/brand that I know wont deliver what I liked about the brand in the first place – even if I am extremely loyal?  Aidy Boothroyd will be a BIG BIG mistake.  I’ll still love QPR, as the club are bigger than any one individual (player, coach, manager or chairman) but they wont be seeing my £600 if he’s appointed. I’m sure I’m not the only Rangers fan concerned by these rumours.


2 responses to “Aidy Boothroyd. Please Flav NO!

  1. I think with 6 months off to reflect and re-evaluate, which he undoubtedly has been doing, he’ll handle things differently.

    The long-ball strategy was used at Watford as the big Darius Henderson was up front, and won the aerial challenges.

    At QPR, Aidy would look at the players and work out their strengths, and plan accordingly.

  2. Hi Simon, are you saying that Aidy Boothroyd’s long-ball strategy was based on the players he had at his disposal? If so, I hope you’re right – there’s still hope if that’s the case as we don’t really have the staff for long-ball at QPR.

    Long-ball is the last thing I want to see down LR next season. We, as Rangers fans, can tolerate being mid-table if we’re playing decent, entertaining football. Hoofball will get us nowhere and I think you’ll see the repercussions via dwindling attendance figures IMO.


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