United Face Barca. The Ultimate Test – Or is it?

The hype surrounding Barcelona (this season) has been a bit OTT in my opinion. Yes, they’ve blitzed La Liga with 86 points in 37 league games, 104 goals and a difference of +70.  On the face of it those stats look pretty immense. So should United be fearful? In my opinion, no. Respectful, yes. Fearful, no.

Sir Alex Ferguson

La Liga has really dissapointed me this year. Barca have scored in all but 2 of their home fixtures this season – the home game against Osasuna at the weekend (when Barca rested everyone!) and Chelscum in the Champions League Semi Final. So, putting the Osasuna game aside, the only opposition that has stopped the “Harlem Globetrotters of Football” is English (well, if you can count Chelscum as English that is).  The Premiership is where it’s at.  If Barca had to play in the Prem next season – for some freaky reason –  I predict that they would finish outside of the top 4 and they would be a long way off 104 goals.  The Premiership IS the better league and this is why United WILL win comfortably.  3-1 in my opinion.  For one night only I’ll be a united fan. Forza United!


13 responses to “United Face Barca. The Ultimate Test – Or is it?

  1. Barca outside top 4 — I nearly spat my tea over the keyboard…
    You seem to forget Chelsea couldnt beat them either over 2 legs.

    Henry is arguably the best premiership player ever, Puyol would be tough enough to handle English game, and Messi, well i think he’s slightly good enough.
    Dan, sometimes your passion for English football really gets the better of you….

    Take of your Patriotic hat for a minute and think what you just said…

  2. JLC, thanks for the comment. When was the last time Barca smashed an English team? It doesn’t happen. Yes, Henry and Messi are top top class. I dont think Puyol is good enough, but that is my opinion. Pique is awful and that’s why united released him. They simply don’t come up against the pace and power of the Premiership and that’s why I believe they wouldn’t make the top 4. You need to stop worshiping Continental football when quite clearly/obviously/evidently the English game is the strongest in the world right now.


  3. Dr S W Burgessimo

    Iniesta. Xavi. Eto’o. Alves (one bad game against Chelsea doesn’t change the fact he has had a sensational season). Would they swan in and win the Premiership? doubt it but they would be top three no doubt and Prem status would enhance their ability to attract big names even more (and they would make MORE money than they currently do from TV etc.) so Barca would be HUGE.

    They will have the ball for the majority of the game BUT – As Professor Wenger said – United have the tools to hurt them on the counter attack. So the game comes down to 2 factors: Can Barca turn their possession into more chances than they conjured up against Chelsea? Or will United take the chances that WILL come their way. There will be a couple of moments where Rooney and Ronaldo are 2 vs 2 and if they capitalise then Barca have no chance. But they have to get the ball and hope Messi doesn’t turn up.

    United will win this. I hate to say it even though i don’t hate them as much as i used to.

    I want Barcelona to beat them 6-0 as i don’t consider United an English Team. They are their own country and only play English players because they can afford to spend ridiculous sums of money: £18m Carrick, £18m Hargreaves, £30m Rio, £30m Rooney. Then consider the cost of Nani and Anderson: £18m and £19m. £30m for Berbatov. I HATE RAFA more than most but he’s right about the money Fergie has spent. I realise that they are replicating what the huge continental sides have done for years but any talk that they are English so we should follow them is cobblers. They are a business, they are McDonalds and the more they get success the further the gap gets.

    All neutrals should want UNited to fall from grace for at least 5 years or the Prem will become even more predictable. All neutrals should want Arsenal’s approach to work.

  4. Dan, over a premiership season, are you now saying you doubt BARCELONA would NOT win both home and away against the following.. are you ready… Hull, Wigan, Sunderland, Burnley, Bolton, Fulham,Blackburn, Portsmouth, Stoke, Spurs, even Arsenal… Dan the list is endless.

    Dan thats 66 points without the very probably fact that they will take points off the top 4.
    Whilst I agree the English league is currently the strongest in the world, for you to rate Barcelona as at best the 5th YES 5th best side in the world, is utter nonsense… If only Gritty could see this montrosity of a statement!!!

  5. And as for Pique, you will find he has nbeen one of Barca’s most consistent and improved players this season, and he left UTD to rejoin his boyhood club… Hardly a step down is it really???

  6. JLC, I never said that Barca was a step down for Pique – because it obviously isn’t. I don’t rate him and neither does Fergie by the look of it. It’s my opinion. I’m entitled to one.

    Dr Burgessimo, thanks for the comment. Can you take me through this Arsenal ‘plan’. Does it include a team of young, petulant, sore losers? Is it a team that laughs in the face of young English talent (Gibbs aside)? Or is it a team whose supporters boo their side at half time and then leave en mass at 63 mins in a Champions League Semi Final? Some blueprint.


    (Rolling back the years here. Voices 10 years older, noise still the same)

  7. Sorry Dan, you strategically swerved my main point that Barca would beat 90% of premiiership sides, both home and away.



  8. Dr S W Burgessimo

    the plan? well it’s ongoing – too early to say whether it will be a great success or not.

    booing: bad. Leaving early:sad. We have an issue with our home support, no denying that. But Gooners expect the best and are used to seeing great players with great technique. it has been soul-destroying to see the ball given away so cheaply this season.

    Irrefutable fact is that we are a massive club now thanks to Wenger. Sore losers? hell yeah! But i am struggling to think of many great sides that aren’t full of ’em. Remember how far those bottom lips stuck out in the united camp when Arsenal broke their dominance? remember the cynical fouls? Rooney and Ronaldo are hardly saints. John Terry is a disgrace…..the list is endless.

    As for laughing in the face of English talent, well that idea comes from failures like Pennant and Bentley who were simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH but couldn’t accept it and whined in the media about how unfair their pampered lives are. Do you really think an intelligent, World Class manager like Wenger would ignore a great player because he was English? the idea is ridiculous!

    Pennant was and still is a flop that can’t dribble a football past a full back unless it’s a race down the line. No skill. he cuts back inside like Dirk Kuyt and attacks break down. Bentley is decent but he’s not World Class. Arsene wants World class and only Cashley had it and he took his chance because he was good enough. Look at the games Theo has been getting even when in bad form. And he has stuck with Gibbs because the boy is talented too. If you’re good enough you are in the side. Simple.

    The English over rate their players. Middle-clubs like West Ham or Middlesbrough price their English players at laughable sums and Wenger has chosen to pay a third of the price for better quality.

    Nasri – potentially a World Star – and Arshavin – probably in the top 10 players in World Football – both cost the same as the price ‘Borough wanted for Downing. Everyone should take a second to reflect on that. Just remember Arshavin’s 4 goal Anfield performance and then picture Downing running aimlessly down the wing and mis-hitting a cross into the stands. Those 2 players for the same price???? i might just cry at the sheer madness of it.

    United snap up the best English players and pay through the nose for it because they can afford to (can’t wait until those Glazer loans have to be repaid in 2012 though) but until the quality of English players improves and the prices become more realistic i’m happy for Wenger to buy a Nasri or an Arshavin!

  9. “Barca would beat 90% of premiiership sides, both home and away”

    So do United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal though JLC! Come on JLC. You and I know it is NEVER as simple as that – beating the so-called lesser sides in the division. You’ve been around football long enough to know that.


  10. Dr Burgessimo talks a lot of sense. You’re right, Wenger is a very clever cookie. JLC, I’m sure you’ll agree, right?

    Anyway, that Wenger bloke seems to have the same thoughts on Barca as me. I’m in good company. Check out 04:42 of the clip below:


  11. Correct, I have been around football long enough, I have also looked at coninential football for many years… This is what I dont get.

    You say “Barca couldn’t handle the English game”.
    Well the English game and premiership is made up of the worlds best players, just as is La liga and Serie A.

    Whether they be Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Argentinian..there are a plethora of world class player’s are spread over the 3 major leagues.

    If Ronaldo was at Barca and was looking to come over to the Premiership for the 1st time, I’m sure you would say the same;
    “Ronaldo would never handle a big Engish Centre Half”…..WELL HE HAS.. It is simple Dan, 9/10 times if you are good enough you can adapt to any league.

    Ronaldo is not big and strong, yet his sheer ability makes him stand out and naturally be adaptable to any world league.
    The same with Messi and Eto’, they would grace any premiership team.

    For you to rate Barca as the 5th best side in world football, soley on “over patriotic” opinon based on “They couldn’t handle the English game” , just doesn’t add up.

    Chelsea had 97 minutes to finish off a 10 man Barca side, and even with 10 men, Barca took the game to Chelsea with something ridiculous like 70% possession.
    In recent years, argubaly the strongest Mourinho Chelsea side were beaten by Barca also.

    Whatever happens I expect it to be a cracker of a game and I think it will be 2-2 with Barca winning in Extra time.

  12. I’ll do the decent thing as your good friend and not comment any further on this thread.
    I do like this blog you got going on though Dan, and I will continue to read it.

  13. a) United didn’t turn up tonight. Too many players out of sorts
    b) JLC assumes a LOT
    c) My opinion is not based on patriotism – that’s ridiculous
    d) We’ll never know whether Barca could hack it in the Prem – but it would be nice to sample all the same!


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