Jim Magilton / Toying With Our Loyalty

We’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do that – but what do they do? They hire Jim Magilton.

Now, I’m the type of fan that will give Jim time to prove what he can do – but will the other Rangers fans do the same? I very much doubt it.  On the positive side, Jim Magilton plays football the right way and I always admired him as a player – so here’s hoping this translates onto the pitch at Loftus Road.  However, you can’t escape the fact Jim was sacked as the manager of divisional rivals Ipswich Town and their fans don’t seem too bothered to see the back of him (despite worshipping him as a player).  Has the appointment inspired me to renew my season ticket? No, not really.

Our Owners

Toying with our loyalty
The noise eminating from the Loftus Road boadroom certainly doesn’t match the decisions they are making.  We we’re all sucked into the hype at the end of last season when new owners Flavio Briatore, Bernie Ecclestone, Lakshmi Mittal and Amit Bhatia marched onto the pitch alongside QPR greats Sir Les Ferdinand, Paul Parker, Stan Bowles and Rodney Marsh.  Pyroclastics, cheerleaders and a huge unvieling of the new club crest joined them on the pitch – whipping the crowd into a frenzy – promising Champions League football in four years. Wow! (well, to be honest I thought it was all a bit of a let down personally – I mean, where was Zidane?).

Anyway, one season later where have we gone? How far have we come? Not far at all. One minute we’re being promised Premiership football, high profile players and managers and the next we get season tickets hiked, Iain Dowie, Samuel Di Carmine and Gary Borrowdale. What the fuck are they doing with our club? We’re not a toy – so stop toying with my years and years of loyalty. All I ask is that you listen to the fans, stop telling outrageous porkies and deliver on achieveable promises.  We’re not stupid. Loyalty does not equal stupidity.  Treat us honestly and fairly and we’ll repay you with a buzzing Loftus Road – uniting under the same cause – promotion.


One response to “Jim Magilton / Toying With Our Loyalty

  1. The fact is mate, they came to the table and offered a 4 year plan, we are 18 months into that. So no matter which view you take, flav + co can still claim to be under half way through a 4 year plan..
    Whilst I concur with what you have written in it’s entirity, I cannot help thinking how far we have come..

    From mid seasons biggest signings being Simon Walton and Chris “bloody” Barker 18 months ago, we now have the quality of Buszacky, Vine, Connelly and Cerny..

    They have no doubt, distanced themselves from the fans, wasted lots of money on long expensive contracts, ala Fitz Hall, but we are in a much better state come next season..

    Maybe Rangers fan’s should accept on the whole that promotion may take longer than the immediate happening which we have been lead to believe, but come August 2009 into our 1st home game.. we will have a state of the art new pitch , fully refurbished stadium, the hope of going into a season not looking to survive..and who knows, maybe a signing or 2!!!

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