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Man City Starting XI Lottery

Right, so Manchester City are signing everyone.

I’ve heard numerous conversations on the train, in the office and down the pub where people are trying to pick the City starting eleven.  When you look at their squad it’s almost impossible to pick the strongest team.

The Tevez Poster in Manchester

So here’s the challenge. From the list of players below pick the starting eleven that will feature against Blackburn Rovers on August 15th.  Strikers are ridiculous, what formation would you play? It’s bloody hard!  Let me know your eleven from the names below (I’ve removed the ‘kids’)…


Rangers Need a Goalscorer

I know from the outside people will look at QPR and see Agyemang, Helguson, Vine and now Pellicori as our striking options but I still think we’re pretty shy in the goalscorer department.  All the above are good footballers but someone tell me who is going to get the 20+ goals required to propel us into the top 2 – or even the play offs?  I didn’t disagree with the sale of Blackstock to Forest. Dexter scored goals but I never felt he had the quality we need to go onto another level.  Yes, he tried hard and had a decent average but I still feel that he lacked the goalscoring nouse and quality needed to make a challenge in this league.


The signing of Pellicori is based on a successful pre-season and I’m fine with that. However, I can’t help but wonder whether he’ll be another Di Carmine – lets give him a chance.  Ever since last season ended I thought that finding a left back and a goalscorer should have been our main transfer priorities.  My opinion is that we still need to buy a proven goalscorer.  £3.5m on a midfielder is great, and shows our intention, but I would have preferred an investment in the likes of Cox, Beckford or even Phillips.  We need goals. All successful teams have a 20+ man and we don’t.  This is my main worry for the 2009/2010 season.


Land Rover’s Latest Adverts

Just seen Land Rover’s latest ad’s on Fubiz.  I’ve recently developed a love for tilt shift photography. It adds a really cool dimension to the image and reminds me a bit of Postman Pat for some reason – so a bit of nostalgia thrown in there too, maybe?

I just love the way tilst-shift makes everything child-like. You need to look really hard in order to convince yourself that what you’re seeing is real. It’s ace in my opinion and I think the new Land Rover adverts are spot on.

Land Rover Advert

Land Rover Advert 2

Land Rover Advert 3

You can find more til-shift work here. Pretty cool.


Coldplay – Strawberry Swing Video

To be fair to Coldplay they do tend to have some quite interesting and creative ideas when it comes to their music videos. The Scientist and Life in Technicolour are two that I’ve particularly liked recently.

However, I think the Strawberry Swing video is now my favourite. I love the style and flow of the video.  The best music video I’ve seen in a while.

Coldplay - Strawberry Swing

Coldplay - Strawberry Swing 1


Niagara Falls in Motion

This is beautiful. Nice music, amazing visuals.  I really like this.

Check it out.

Niagara Falls in Motion


Things You Never Thought You’d See #1

Michael Owen sign for United. Wow.

Owen to United WOW

And no, this is not a Photoshop job.


Lions Series Won by the Smallest of Margins

After 240 minutes of gruelling and enthralling test match rugby a single moment, in my opinion, swung the whole game in the favour of the Boks.  Games are often won (and lost) by the smallest of margins and this was no different.  One incident made all the difference. Schalk Burger’s eye gouge on Lions wing Luke Fitzgerald inside 2 minutes of the second test was a cowardly act – by one of the games so-called ‘hardest men’. The referee got it totally wrong – even after Bryce Lawrence (the touch judge) had clearly said “It’s a yellow at best”. For me, and everyone who’s seen and analysed the footage ever since, it was a clear red and Schalk should have been handed a lengthy, rather than 8 week, ban.


A red card would have meant South Africa playing the remainder of the match, 78 minutes, with 14 men.  It was hard enough for the men in green with 15 on the pitch, let alone 14.  Maybe it should have been the Lions players wearing ‘justice’ armbands for the 3rd test?.

The Lions, in all 3 tests, had the more attacking prowess (try count reads 7 v 5) and they have scored more points in total. They played some great stuff and really had the world champions rattled on more than one occasion. If only luck and sterner refereeing were in the Lions favour I think we would have seen a different outcome.  Great to see the boys make it 2-1 today. It would have been a travesty if this series ended 0-3.

Bring on Australia.