Things You Never Thought You’d See #1

Michael Owen sign for United. Wow.

Owen to United WOW

And no, this is not a Photoshop job.


3 responses to “Things You Never Thought You’d See #1

  1. Can you not see the pound sign in his eyes…..he’s in for a lot of stick next season especially when they play against Liverpool….but that’s football and if Fergie gets any goals out of him and his money worth next season I’ll streak across Old Trafford myself. I’ll have £1000 he’ll be getting splinters in his arse from the bench for the majority FACT!

  2. I think you might be left eating your words Tiger! I hope so, because you’ll end up on TV, that’s for sure. Will you be naked all but your stripes and tail?

    I think Owen will score goals if he gets game time. Impact sub doesn’t suit him in my opinion.


  3. Well they say everyone is famous for 15 minutes so we’ll see.

    On one hand Sir Alex obviously knows what he’s doing but on the other it’s beggers belief and as you say ‘no one but no one saw that coming’ he may even get loaned out – we shall see. Great player but not shy of an injury or two is he…..

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