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Things You Never Thought You’d See #1

Michael Owen sign for United. Wow.

Owen to United WOW

And no, this is not a Photoshop job.


Ryan Giggs and Thierry Henry Viral

Reebok viral featuring Ryan Giggs and Thierry Henry in conjunction with tonight’s Champions League Final.  Incredibly cheesy – but I still like it.


United Face Barca. The Ultimate Test – Or is it?

The hype surrounding Barcelona (this season) has been a bit OTT in my opinion. Yes, they’ve blitzed La Liga with 86 points in 37 league games, 104 goals and a difference of +70.  On the face of it those stats look pretty immense. So should United be fearful? In my opinion, no. Respectful, yes. Fearful, no.

Sir Alex Ferguson

La Liga has really dissapointed me this year. Barca have scored in all but 2 of their home fixtures this season – the home game against Osasuna at the weekend (when Barca rested everyone!) and Chelscum in the Champions League Semi Final. So, putting the Osasuna game aside, the only opposition that has stopped the “Harlem Globetrotters of Football” is English (well, if you can count Chelscum as English that is).  The Premiership is where it’s at.  If Barca had to play in the Prem next season – for some freaky reason –  I predict that they would finish outside of the top 4 and they would be a long way off 104 goals.  The Premiership IS the better league and this is why United WILL win comfortably.  3-1 in my opinion.  For one night only I’ll be a united fan. Forza United!