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Rihanna’s Naked Pics


It seems as though almost every celeb on the planet is being caught out in a ‘naked pics shocker’ scandal.  Now it’s Rihanna’s turn. Can’t tell whether they’re real as the only ones that include a ‘headshot’ show Rihanna fully clothed. What do you think?

The bigger question, for me, is how dumb can these celebrities be? Time after time they keep being caught out. I suppose that leads me to the question: is it coincidence or is it carefully planned? The cynical, marketing side of me suggests that this is a massive PR stunt. If it is, fair play to Rihanna as she has a body that will triple record sales off the back of this.

If it was Vanessa Feltz, on the otherhand, I wouldn’t bank on the same level of publicity – or maybe I’m wrong?

Check out the gallery here