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Tottenham’s New Stadium..

I like it. Actually, I really like it. What I like most is that Spurs are building a stadium for their fans – with ‘atmosphere’ at the core of the design.  Too often modern stadium are being built without a consideration to atmosphere.  Too many stadiums end up soulless and feel very empty. The Riverside, Pride Park and even Wembley are examples of this.  That’s why I love Loftus Road – it can generate an amazing atmosphere – even for a relatively small stadium in comparison to those above.

That’s why I think Spurs have got it right.  Shops, apartments, corporate hospitality, merchandise are lower priorities (publically anyway). Atmosphere is the no.1 priority and so it should be!   The best feature is a 9,000 seater single-tier stand, like the Kop at Anfield, and allow fans to be nearer the action than at other modern stadiums like Wembley.

Daniel Levy, the Spurs Chairman says “the inclusion of a new single-tier stand, combined with a fantastic stadium design demonstrates our absolute commitment to create the most atmospheric stadium for our supporters. Every fan will have an exceptional view of the action and will find themselves closer to the pitch than at any other comparable stadium.”

Spurs intend to move into the new stadium for the start of the 2012-13 season, with the final capacity standing at 56,250.  I think they missed a trick there. Why not make the capacity 60,356 – one more seat than there arch rivals in the Emirates.

Only thing I’m not sure about is the stadiums name “Naming Rights”. Has an odd ring to it.