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Dixons New Ad Campaign

Very cool in my opinion and apprently developed internally. Nice.

Dixons 1 Dixons 2


New AIDS Awareness Campaign – Strong Stuff

Wow, this is strong stuff. The new campaign, designed by Regenbogen e.V. in conjunction with the advertising agency ‘das comitee’, speaks in clear terms: its slogan is “AIDS is a mass murderer“. It features the greatest mass murderers in recent history having sex (including Hitler – featured in the video below). Thoughts? Check out the site and view the advert.

Adolf Hitler Stalin

Here’s the site


DDB Brazil Facing a Tsunami of Critics for their WWF Advert

Blatantly obvious attempt to crank up buzz but how far have they overstepped the mark? Thoughts?

Crazy Offensive 9/11 WWF DDB Commercial – Watch more Funny Videos


Pee in the Shower

Fantastic animation (and really cute voice over) for a recent Brazilian campaign encouraging people to ‘Pee During Showers’.


Coldplay – Strawberry Swing Video

To be fair to Coldplay they do tend to have some quite interesting and creative ideas when it comes to their music videos. The Scientist and Life in Technicolour are two that I’ve particularly liked recently.

However, I think the Strawberry Swing video is now my favourite. I love the style and flow of the video.  The best music video I’ve seen in a while.

Coldplay - Strawberry Swing

Coldplay - Strawberry Swing 1


Gordon Brown vs. Cassetteboy

Great mashup of a Gordon Brown speech – courtesy of Cassetteboy.  Quite apt – seeing as the ‘stop the BNP’ elections are taking place today. Will I vote? Probably not – have more important things on mind at the moment, like whether to renew my season ticket or not. Enjoy.

Also, check out Cassetteboy’s Apprentice mashup – also v.funny.


Ryan Giggs and Thierry Henry Viral

Reebok viral featuring Ryan Giggs and Thierry Henry in conjunction with tonight’s Champions League Final.  Incredibly cheesy – but I still like it.